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Washington Drivers License - Organ Donor

Organ donor
How to become an organ donor

There are 3 ways to become an organ, eye, and tissue donor:

  • Tell us you want to be a donor when you apply for your driver license, instruction permit, or identification card. A heart (Heart icon) will be placed on your license or identification card, and your name will be sent to the organ donor registry.
  • Visit and add your name to the registry on the organ donor website.
  • Mail a letter with your name and address to the organ donor registry at:
    Attn: Donate Life Today Registry
    11245 SE 6th Street, Ste 100
    Bellevue, WA 98004
Frequently asked questions about organ and tissue donation
Why should I consider being a donor?

Being on the organ donor registry is a decision that could save a life! One organ or tissue donor can save or enhance the lives of more than 50 people. Today, around 100,000 Americans are waiting for a life-saving transplant. One-third of those people will die before they receive an organ.

What does it mean when I say “yes” to organ and tissue donation and put the heart on my driver license?

When you say “yes” to organ and tissue donation on your driver license or ID, you give your legal consent to donate all organs and tissues for both transplant and research. Consideration is given first to lifesaving or enhancing transplants, but if no compatible recipient is found, organs and tissues may also be provided for research.

What organs and tissues can I donate?

Transplantable organs and tissues include: heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, small intestine, heart valves, skin, bone, connective tissue, veins, eyes, and corneas.

Can I become an organ donor if I’m younger than 18 years old?

You can choose to be an organ donor at any age and get the heart symbol (Heart icon) on your intermediate driver license or ID card. However, until you are 18 years old or emancipated, your parent or guardian would have to give permission to donate your organs in the event of your death.

What if I want to make limitations on what I am willing to donate, or have changed my mind about being a donor?

If you would like to set limitations or remove your name from the donor registry:

Do I have to get a new driver license or ID card if I change my mind about being a donor?

No. You may either keep your license or ID card, or get a new one without the organ donor heart designator (Heart icon). If you prefer to get a new license or ID card, you may request one at any driver licensing office. A $10 fee will be charged for the new license or ID card.

What if I have more questions?

For more information about organ donation, visit the Donate Life Today website at or contact them at:

Organ donor registry

The organ donor registry is a list of people who have decided to become organ and tissue donors. The registry is a confidential database containing information only about persons who wish to donate tissue and organs.

Information used to create the registry

The organ donor procurement organization collects the following information from us:

  • Driver license or identification card number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Residence and mailing address

The donor procurement organization also may ask donors to provide specific information about their individual wishes.

Privacy and security of registry information

Organ donor registry information is kept confidential and safe. It cannot be shared with anyone outside the organ donor agencies. We encode the information before it is sent to the registry, and then the registry decodes the information when it has been received.

Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Account

This account is used to collect and manage donations from the public. Money donated to the account will support efforts to provide facts about organ donation to the public and to ask them to join the organ donor registry.

How to make a donation

You may donate a dollar (or more!) to support organ donation education when you renew your vehicle registration. Your license tab renewal notice will tell you about the option to donate to the account. This option is available if you renew your registration by mail, online, or in person at a vehicle licensing office.

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